Screw my sister
my sister is the most spoiled slut possible! She is lazy, a know it all, and thinks she rules the world kind of person. She over reacts on every little thing that she doesn't like. So we share cloths like all the time, and some of her jeans have holes in them. Its usually because she rubs her thighs together and they make the holes. So i usually wear these black jeans, and i stopped wearing them because she wanted to. Next thing you know theres holes in them! and she blames me! now she is going off on me, because she has fat thighs that cant keep hold of them selves! Well she can just screw herself over.
Tags: over her screw Bitch_fit* - 11/23/2011 8:54am
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i have a sister like that shes a bitch
kidkiller - 5/3/2012 9:14pm